interactive plans and mapping

Visualize your assets and their status

The module interactive plans and mapping allows you to visually display your plants and their status in plant or hall layout plans. With just a few clicks, you can navigate from the plant overview to the machine or quickly search and display the location of a machine.

With Paledos graphic designer tool you can easily create and link interactive plant layout plans. You can also link Paledo reports and graphical analyses to view current KPIs or the most important reasons for fault and problems directly from the machine.

The customizable color coding makes it immediately apparent whether machines are running or at a planned or unplanned downtime. An insufficient level of maintenance can also be detected immediately. You can display additional interactive information, such as current fault messages or planned maintenance, using a tooltip.

The main benefits of Paledo interactive plans

  • Easy navigation from overviews to the machine reduces required time
  • Multiple machines and large plants can be managed more efficiently
  • Color coding makes it easier to identify maintenance level, faults and planned machine downtimes
  • Additional information updated in real time minimizes overlaps and delays in your company´s maintenance processes

Color coding makes it easier to identify the machine maintenance level, faults and planned downtimes

  • Visualize entire plant with its machines
  • Display machine status, maintenance planning, failure and measurement data
  • Link analysis and reports data
  • View additional information from Paledo

You want more information?

We are happy to help you and discussion about our solutions for plant visualization and mapping.

The main functionalities of the Paledo interactive plans and mapping:

All plants and machines at a glance

With the Paledo interactive plans module you can visualize already existing data. The visual representation of maintenance-relevant data in
plans enables a faster overview and additional insights. Instantly see the status of machines and quickly navigate between overview layouts and machines for more information. You can easily search and find the locations of machines.

Customize and optimize

Create interactive plant overviews with the Paledo plans module, which are customized exactly for your needs! You can easily create and linke Paledo layout plans using our intuitive graphic designer tool. You can quickly edit your existing laoyut plans and add new machines to them using drag & drop. Also you can customize and optimize the displayed data for each machine to fit our companys needs. In this way, you can add machine properties, status data or even available machine sensor data to the display and obtain a data selection with high relevance for your processes. You can link Paledo reports and graphical analyses to view current key figures, such as KPIs, directly from the machine.

Visualize parts lists and machine parts

In addition to overviews of your plant, you can also use the Paledo plans module to visualize parts lists and machine parts. This provides you with an interactive object model with real-time additional information on, for example, spare parts availability, upcoming partial maintenance and more.