Software for mobile maintenance, quality assurance and industrial service

What is Paledo?

Paledo is an innovative software solution for the digitalization of maintenance, quality assurance and service. In Paledo, you can efficiently manage all phases of the industrial process in one tool, starting with planning, mobile execution, documentation and trouble-free data evaluation. Paledo’s powerful, universal platform stores all information from the process cycle and makes it available for follow-up activities.

With Paledo, you can document your measures directly at the technical location, both online and offline. Paledo is the only software solution on the market that can also display complex documentation, such as in the area of maintenance, completely digitally.

Numerous companies from all branches of industry successfully optimize their processes with Paledo.


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The Paledo advantages at a glance

Easy to operate and adapt

The ergonomic user interface, an integrated form designer and the optimal adaptation to your process specifications make Paledo one of the most popular tools in the industry.

Professional master data base

Paledo organizes your process data and makes them findable and useful. By making all recorded data easily and centrally available for situation assessment and continuous improvement, you achieve a significantly higher level of process transparency.

Practical modules

Our many years of experience in industrial practice are reflected in the development of Paledo: The software offers a wide range of existing, practical modules that map your processes without any adjustments and make the introduction of the software quick and easy.

Efficient information management even when you are on site

With Paledo you don’t just digitize the processes on the desk. Everything that happens at the technical location is digitally recorded by the mobile, offline-capable application platform with the support of all common end devices.

What can Paledo do for your company?




This companies work with Paledo

The most important Paledo functions

  • Mobile maintenance, quality assurance, industrial service
  • Document management
  • Legally compliant documentation
  • ERP and production integration
  • Machine operator maintenance (Total Productive Maintenance, TPM)
  • Shift & resource planning
  • Asset management
  • Condition monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Data-based analysis and reporting (KPI)
  • External company integration
  • Connection of process computer and diagnostic systems
  • Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things) support

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