Software for industrial service

Paledo is a powerful CMMS software solution for all tasks in industrial maintenance, from the distribution of orders and their execution to the complete documentation and analysis of business relevant data. With Paledo, you digitize all your technical documentation and build an easily accessible, clearly structured knowledge database that is always up to date and can be accessed both in the office and at the technical site.

The performance of the software facilitates the coordination of pro- and reactive maintenance processes and gives you the prerequisites to improve your business processes.

Satisfied customers through transparent workflows

With Paledo, you can clearly manage your service personnel, task and material availability. Your process data is stored centrally in one system. You always have access to the most up-to-date information, can change processes in real time and base your decisions on a true-to-life database.

Efficient digital documentation

digital documentation

On the mobile devices, you can carry out the complete documentation on site without paper, receive orders and provide fast feedback. All technical documentation, plant history and manuals are available to you in digital form. You carry out maintenance and service work more efficiently and increase your productivity significantly.

Open data exchange leads to better networking of processes

Paledo follows an open software approach and has interfaces to common ERP systems. Data exchange is supported in all industry-standard formats. This makes reporting and accounting significantly more efficient and faster.