Paledo smartphone app

The Paledo Smartphone App makes the complete Paledo system available on smartphones, tablets and other internet enabled devices. This allows you to report back orders in real time, access and manage important information, even when you are on site.

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Why do you need the mobile Paledo App for your work?

Finish work already on the site

It is a significant time advantage for you if you can complete your orders quickly on the move. The information entered is automatically stored in the basic system and is available in real time for follow-up orders.

Use technical documentation no matter where you are

You also save time and effort when searching for technical information such as mechanical engineering drawings or instructions. The Paledo App contains all of your technical documentation, arranged according to the type of your order and the plant.

Familiar Paledo functions convenient in one app

In the Paledo App you work with the functions and data structure familiar from the main Paledo system. The user interface is self-explanatory and easy to use. You navigate intuitively through your upcoming work orders and complete them without any problems.

Check out the Paledo Smartphone App

The most important buttons at a glance

Informative fault messages

The buttons that maintenance needs

Complete orders faster

Jobs in real time and at a glance

Complex checklists user-friendly

Technical documentation mobile available

You can manage all these tasks with Paledo app

  • Mobile recording of faults and processing of repair and maintenance orders
  • Feedback of work results, findings and working hours as well as spare parts consumption and photos
  • Mobile access to technical documentation, experience and plant history
  • Integration of modern tools like video-based expert support or augmented reality applications
  • Optimized for standardized processes with easy user interaction
  • Universal app platform for the operating systems iOS and Android
  • Wide range of compatible end devices

How to get started with the Paledo app

You can test the Paledo Smartphone App for free. Simply download the app in the Appstore or on Google Play.


The Paledo Smartphone App fits seamlessly into the existing Paledo structure. No further infrastructure is necessary. You only need a license to work with the Paledo Smartphone App. We offer various licensing options. Contact us and we will find the right license for your needs!

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