Sophisticated application developments

Our goal is your success

From customer-specific program adaptations to completely new developments, we make your work easier with specialized tools or further developments under all common programming languages. We also assist you in the areas of databases and the Internet. The basic principle is always: You have a problem, we program the solution.

Your requirements are our challenges

Do you have a very special idea for the design of your maintenance, quality assurance or documentation process? Is there a feature you miss in Paledo? We would be happy to visit you and analyze your requirements. Our highly qualified team of developers will take on any challenge and create Paledo extensions for you to take you forward.

Software development at Syntactix


15 years of experience with effective, reliable and innovative IT solutions. Many years of experience in the development of maintenance and service systems


“Turn old into new” Intelligent expansion, integration and modernization of existing systems (SAP, BFS etc.). Dynamic flexible and time-efficient approach with you in the team


WISE model instead of specification paper war. Our international development team consists of engineers, computer scientists, business information scientists and technicians with extensive experience.


Do you have any questions about developing new software solutions for your company?  Please call us at +49 6172 997820