Mobile documentation

Carry out all maintenance work on the move. With the mobile version of Paledo, you can quickly generate all necessary documents, execute orders and provide immediate feedback. In addition, you can process the complete documentation on site. This saves a lot of time and duplicate work steps.

Paledo App for mobile devices

  • mobile recording of disturbances
  • Processing of repair and maintenance orders
  • Order feedback with findings, working hours, spare parts consumption and photos
  • Mobile access to technical documentation, experience and plant history
  • Integration of modern tools like video-based expert support or augmented reality applications
  • Cross-platform: Windows, Android and iOS
  • Wide range of compatible end devices

Mobile documentation for complex requirements

  • Creation of customer-specific documentation templates with intuitive graphical designer
  • Import existing Word, Excel, PDF templates
  • High user acceptance through digital paper with intuitive handwriting recognition, on-screen keyboard or speech recognition
  • Support of image and video recordings including the possibility of optical markings in the image
  • Support of barcode, RFIP, Bluetooth, serial and other communication interfaces
  • Complete integration into planning, execution and subsequent defect handling processes

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