Spare parts management

Timely Identify and check the availability of the required spare parts

In most cases, spare parts and consumables are needed to carry out maintenance activities. The challenges for maintenance are divided into the areas of identifying the correct, required spare part, procuring the spare part, documenting the installation for cost accounting and life cycle records, and managing inventories as well as incoming and outgoing goods. The Paledo module for spare parts management supports you in all four areas.
You can completely integrate Paledo in SAP or use it as a stand-alone system.

The most important capabilities of Paledo Spare Parts Management

  • Optimize stock quantities based on the requirement history and procurement times
  • Intuitive search and display functions with master data, photos and inventory
  • Display master data, photos and stocks
  • Search for and reserve spare parts both on the PC and on mobile devices
  • Organize warehouse, inventory and picking processes

Identification of the correct, required spare part

Paledo Ersatzteilmanagement

Both mobile and on client PCs, spare parts for a machine can be found via parts lists or a powerful material search. A graphical search and identification is also possible by storing isometrics and photos for parts lists and material masters. For existing parts list items and materials, employees can store and view additional empirical knowledge at any time. If the employee is not able to identify the correct spare part in the database, he can attach the need for an unknown spare part including photos of the old part to his work order. This is also possible on the move, e.g. with the camera of a tablet PC or a smartphone. The information can be used by the production planning department to identify and procure the right parts via manufacturer catalogs or the Internet. A continuous improvement process depicted in the system ensures that the data situation is continuously improved and material masters are added or made easier to find.

Procurement of the spare part

Once a spare part has been identified, the employee can view the current stock levels and the exact storage location of the parts on a mobile PC terminal. This makes it easier to find an existing stock. If a part is not in stock, a purchase requisition can be triggered. If spare parts are not to be issued by the maintenance staff themselves, but rather via a central warehouse, this process can also be mapped completely digitally. When a reservation is created on the tablet PC, the demand is immediately displayed in the warehouse on a demand monitor. The warehouse clerk can begin with the removal and disposition even before the maintenance staff arrives at the warehouse. This leads to a higher process efficiency and reduces repair time and downtime, especially in case of machine malfunctions.

Documentation of the installation for cost accounting and lifecycle management

The materials actually consumed are digitally documented by the employee on the work order or in the maintenance report. This data is centrally available for evaluation and cost accounting. If the accounting is to be carried out via existing ERP systems (e.g. SAP MM), a powerful online interface is available. Thanks to the structured data storage, information on the installation history for a machine is available at any time. This makes it possible, for example, to find out with just a few clicks how often and when a particular wearing part has already been replaced. The employee can thus easily identify whether a machine has a systematic problem that needs to be coordinated, investigated and resolved.

Management of stock levels and incoming and outgoing goods

Paledo is able to manage a complex system of storage locations and places. This allows them to manage different locations and central and on-site warehouses in one database. Functions are available for booking incoming and outgoing goods as well as rebooking stocks. The system can also support you in conducting a regular inventory with and without mobile input devices. The Paledo material management module is a comprehensive tool for optimizing your spare parts processes. Regardless of whether you already have an ERP system or want to use Paledo as a stand-alone system, it can significantly improve your process efficiency and save you time and money.