Fault and repair

The solution for efficient and transparent troubleshooting processes

Paledo offers you a fault management system tailored to your requirements. The faults are recorded via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs, stationary PC terminals or interfaces to the process control systems. Paledo´s user friendly, intuitie software interface supports you in efficiently working through your fault management tasks.

The main capabilities of Paledo Fault Management

  • Fault dispatcher is informed about new faults
  • Allocation of inserts with Drag & Drop
  • Evaluation of interference suppression performance and reaction times
  • ERP systems can be integrated via interfaces
  • Recording and evaluation of faults
  • Reservation of spare parts
  • Automated e-mail notification of system operators

Fault cockpit

The faults are collected centrally in Paledo and displayed clearly. The fault dispatcher is automatically informed about new faults or the delayed processing of existing faults. He sees the workload, work locations and qualifications of his fault clearance team and can assign new assignments using drag & drop. By using mobile devices and customer-specific workflows, the progress of fault clearance is transparently available at all times. If problems occur, the maintenance engineer can request further support on site and document existing difficulties, e.g. with photos.

Completion of Troubleshooting Measure

After completion of the fault clearance measure, follow-up measures such as planned repairs can be triggered automatically or manually. With an automated reporting module, evaluations of fault clearance performance and response times can be analyzed and key performance indicators (KPI) for continuous improvement processes (CIP) can be called up. The system operator is also informed directly via an automated e-mail notification about the occurrence and processing of the faults relevant to him. The scope of data acquisition, stored processes and technical aids such as mobile devices and interfaces are specifically adapted by us to your needs and possibilities.