Software for mobile maintenance

Paledo is a powerful CMMS software for mobile, industrial maintenance. The intelligent management tool enables easier distribution and mobile execution of orders, mobile maintenance documentation and a clear analysis of business-relevant data.

Paledo facilitates the coordination of pro- and reactive maintenance processes and helps you to improve your business processes.

More transparency for better maintenance planning

Paledo eliminates errors from your process. Thanks to mobile data entry, you enter order data only once and directly where it is generated. The software stores the information real-time in one place and makes it easier to find. Thanks to the complete digitization with Paledo, there is no need for double entries and there are significantly fewer human errors. You receive a true-to-life data basis on which you can build your future business decisions.

Efficient digital documentation

digital documentation

Paledo is particularly suitable for the creation of complex technical documentation. The system recognizes handwritten text and adopts your existing documentation templates from Word, Excel or PDF formats. When creating new templates, Paledo’s integrated, user-friendly template editor supports you. The Paledo documentation can be fully integrated into further planning and processing procedures. Learn more: Filling out maintenance documentation paperless (Video)

Open data exchange leads to better networking of processes

Paledo follows an open software approach and has interfaces to any ERP and machine control system. Data exchange is supported in all industry-standard formats.

Optimize SAP with Paledo

Did you know that you can use Paledo together with your existing SAP system? Find out here how you can optimize your maintenance in Paledo and SAP, work mobile and enter your data with significantly fewer clicks!