Digitize all your quality assurance processes

software for quality assurance

With Paledo, you can carry out test procedures more efficiently and significantly increase your productivity.

Paledo is a powerful, mobile software solution for the quality assurance of industrial processes. The system offers a central platform for all quality assurance measures. From the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) to the incoming goods inspection and tests during production and the handover of the completed documentation.

Digital inspection plan

digital inspection plan

In Paledo, your digital inspection plan links individual inspection activities with the components to be inspected and groups them according to the production phases, so that you always have all the information at a glance. Creating the plan is easy and all updates are done in real time. With its graphical user interface, your Paledo inspection plan supports you optimally in testing and documenting the progress of the process.

Powerful tool for paperless documentation

digital documentation

The strength of Paledo is the automated creation of complex QA documentation. After creating a test plan, the system compiles the required documentation in digital form at the push of a button. You document the results of the inspection activities on your mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, right on site and Paledo transfers the results to the main system. It does not matter whether WLAN is available: in Paledo, all data is also available offline. When you are back online, the data is automatically synchronized. Paper work and all the associated duplicate work steps are eliminated and all the necessary contents of the QA documentation are available to you in a central location.

Coordination of dates with third parties

sap interface

With Paledo you can plan your test dates clearly. Through efficient filter technology, you can group internal and external test dates according to your requirements. This way, lists can be created that you can send directly in an e-mail. You can determine the level of detail of the lists yourself.

Paledo modules for mobile quality assurance