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Read how other companies improve their work with Paledo

The Berlin based traditional company Menzel Elektromotoren is well known for the production of customized electric motors as well as for the short-term, customer-specific modification or reproduction of large electric motors in the industry. In order to meet the continuous increase in sales and international business expansion, Menzel has made various investments in motor production in the past years. An important step in this process is the digital transformation of the manufacturing processes. For this purpose Menzel uses the Syntactix software Paledo. More (German)

VAG Verkehrsaktiengesellschaft Nürnberg is responsible for the public transport system in Nuremberg. Every day, its nearly 400 own buses, streetcars and subways in the Nuremberg area bring passengers safely to their destinations. To ensure passenger safety and a smooth working environment for its employees, the company has been using Paledo as the central system for its vehicle maintenance for over 10 years. More (German)