Two VAG divisions introduce a new Paledo tool in record time

Are IT changes inevitably tedious and slow? No, not at all! One example of this is the implementation of the new Paledo tool for time recording and the standardization of the IT landscape at VAG Nuremberg. Overnight, all existing terminals for order time recording were reinstalled with Paledo and the corresponding interfaces in SAP and warehouse software were moved to Paledo. After the rapid implementation, more than 250 VAG employees now work with the new tool. 

Company: VAG Nuremberg Location: Nuremberg, Germany Product: Paledo maintenance management, time feedback

VAG moves Nuremberg

VAG Verkehrsaktiengesellschaft Nuremberg is responsible for the public transport system in Nuremberg. Every day, its nearly 400 own buses, streetcars and subways in the Nuremberg area bring passengers safely to their destinations. To ensure passenger safety and a smooth working environment for its employees, the company has been using Paledo as the central system for its vehicle maintenance for over 10 years.  Starting with the digitalization of the maintenance records of the rail vehicles in the Rail Vehicle Workshops business unit in 2010, the connection of the Bus Workshop business unit to Paledo with integrated workflow for the TÜV inspection of the buses followed just one year later. In the meantime, all master workshops and departments of both business divisions work with Paledo as a central solution for vehicle maintenance.

Easier time tracking with Paledo

Since both divisions already manage and perform most of their maintenance processes with Paledo, the recording of order times should now also be integrated into the process. In addition to standardizing the IT landscape, an important goal of the project was to offer users a clearer, more reliable solution. In the fall of 2019, the time had come. Overnight, all existing order time recording terminals were reinstalled with Paledo and interfaces to ERP and warehouse software were moved to Paledo. After a week of intensive support, more than 250 users are now working with Paledo time recording. With the new Paledo tool, VAG employees can now have their order processes assigned directly to Paledo Desktop and Tablet. The employee logs on to a terminal via badge scan and sees his work list. By selecting a process, the time measurement starts. If the employee logs in again after finishing work and logs out, the elapsed time is posted to SAP. The conversion of the maintenance processes to Paledo, which has now been completed, has been worthwhile for both of VAG’s divisions. “After several months of productive operation, we can now draw a very positive conclusion. Paledo time recording has allowed us to streamline the previous processes considerably. This also comes back as feedback from the employees,” says Eduard Fuchs, IT Project Manager at VAG Nuremberg in the WS business unit.

IT changes need to be well planned

The implementation of the new tool has met all expectations. Within a week, Paledo ran almost flawlessly. How did such a rapid IT change, which affects over 250 users, succeed? “Over the years we have built up a very solid trust in the Syntactix team, based on the implementation of various projects as well as the fast and very professional processing and implementation of software enhancements. The good cooperation with Syntactix, together with the timely involvement of all employees and co-determination as well as the training measures carried out at an early stage, meant that the conversion of our order time recording system went very quickly and smoothly”. We are continuing on the path of digitalization. New projects are already being planned: We are in a constantly changing environment of requirements. Therefore, we are always looking for efficient IT solutions and ideas. Instead of using several, sometimes very different solutions for maintenance and service processes, we now work centrally in Paledo. In our opinion, this is an important and significant point in the direction of digitalization. Our processes are more efficient and the processing is much clearer for each employee. We are very advanced on the way to paperless maintenance. Our next step will be towards ‘digital mechanics’, 3D and virtual reality,” concludes Mr. Fuchs, IT project manager at VAG.

Paledo implementation at VAG Nuremberg

  • 2010

    Digitalization of the rail vehicle maintenance records with Paledo

  • 2010

    Connection of the business unit buses to Paledo, with integrated workflow for TÜV inspection of the buses

  • 2011

    Paledo introduction for task distribution, feedback and time tracking

  • 2017

    Link for technical feedback to Paledo

  • 2019

    Unification of the IT landscape, connection of time tracking to Paledo

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